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John Moulton – entrepreneur of private equity

I use the term advisedly.  Having worked with many entrepreneurs who have had to leave the businesses they have created over the years, “succession anxiety” is a disease that can have some unpleasant outcomes.  In the middle of a sale process, it often leads to what looks like a narcissistic desire to prolong the process [...]

The Mole: Gordon Brown ‘on drugs to control depression’

The Mole: Gordon Brown ‘on drugs to control depression’ | News | The First Post.
Poor old Gordon. The problem with being such a poor and weak leader is that you open yourself up to this sort of bollocks:
The civil servant who told Ward of the banned list apparently wrote it off as quackery and “nonsense”, [...]

Roubini: “U-shaped” recovery is possible – Yahoo! Finance

Roubini: “U-shaped” recovery is possible – Yahoo! Finance.
The most cheerful thing I’ve seen in ages – if he thinks a U-shaped recovery is possible (and not a “W”) then we gotta chance……!

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A libertarian and the US healthcare debate

Having just discovered her, I can’t work out whether I like Megan McArdle or not.  I’m  attracted to her description of herself as a libertarian and her obvious fluency in philosophical debate on economic issues, but astonished at just how alien some of the stances she takes seem to be.  This is her “last [...]