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The deal drags on

Signed engagement letter June 2008, price agreed on a solus deal twice so no auction, just a one on one negotiation with one interested purchaser.  EBITDA never really clear until recently, heads to be signed tomorrow, 15 months from starting discussion.  Mid market M&A in 2009…..

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Nothing doing in big deal land / UK – Lack of deals sparks private equity shake-up.
One of my friends, a banker who has done quite a lot of big stuff, pointed out to me today how things are up there in big deal land.   You can’t get any bank to do more than a £25m hold and there’s no syndication [...]

John Moulton – entrepreneur of private equity

I use the term advisedly.  Having worked with many entrepreneurs who have had to leave the businesses they have created over the years, “succession anxiety” is a disease that can have some unpleasant outcomes.  In the middle of a sale process, it often leads to what looks like a narcissistic desire to prolong the process [...]